The presentation of the European Green Deal by the President of the European Commission von der Leyen gave us great hope for the climate and our ecosystems, and it is the best strategy to recover from the economic crisis.

However, the financial resources mentioned so far are very far from reaching the ambitions and needs of the EU environmental policies of this decade.

Faced with the failure that an under-funded Green Deal would represent, what Europe nor the world can afford, we, climatologists, young climate activists, representatives of NGOs and trade unions as well as ministers and members of parliament from 5 different political families decided to launch a call which presents 3 solutions for a European Climate&Jobs Pact with sufficient funding for environmental and employment policies commensurate with the eonomic and environmental situation.

Adélaïde Charlier and Anuna de Wever Van Der Heyden, Youth for Climate Belgium,

Mathis Fidaire, Youth for Climate France,

Nathan Méténier, Youth and Environment Europe,

Elijah McKenzie-Jackson, Youth for Climate England,

Chloé Heulin & Lucie Pélissier, Co-Presidents of CliMates,

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Climatologist, former IPCC Vice-Chair, Professor at UCLouvain,

Jean Jouzel, Climatologist, Former Vice-Chair of the IPCC Working Group 1,

Hervé le Treut, Climatologist, former Director IPSL, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris,

Olivier de Schutter,  UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights,

Wendel Trio, Director, Climate Action Network Europe,

Laura Sullivan, Executive Director, WeMove Europe,

Céline Charveriat, Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy,

Karl Falkenberg, Former Director General Environment, European Commission,

Rudy De Leeuw, Former President ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation),

Bernard Bayot, Director, Financité and President, NewB, Belgium,

Jean-Luc Crucke, Minister of finances and budget, Wallonia, Belgium (MR, Renew Europe),

Denis McShane, Former Minister for Europe, UK (Labour, S&D),

Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP, Finland (K.K. , EPP)

Eleonora Evi, MEP, Italy (M5S, N-A)

Delara Burkhardt, MEP, Germany (SPD, S&D),

Marie Toussaint, MEP, France (Europe Ecologie, Greens/EFA),

Benoit Lutgen, MEP, Transport Committee, former Minister for Environment, Wallonia, Belgium (cdH, EPP),

Sándor Rónai, MEP, Hungary (D.K., S&D),

David Cormand, MEP, France (Europe Ecologie, Greens),

Rasmus Andresen, MEP, Germany (Die Grünen, Greens),

Pierre Larrouturou, MEP, France (Nouvelle Donne, S&D).


The initiators of the Call managed to gather over 700 civil society and polical leaders from the 27 EU member states. See here the list of first signatories.

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