Why Now?

Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission, has made the bold promise that in the first 100 days of office she will release a “Green Deal”. But if we don’t push for concrete solutions, the risk is high that this “Green Deal” will only be “Greenwashing”.

Indeed, we all know the major solutions to win the climate battle : insulate all houses, schools and factories, massively support clean transport, agriculture and energy … but in all our territories, these alternatives face the same obstacle: how to pay for it?

Nothing would be worse than a false Green Deal that would not be given the means to deliver on its promises and to be fully implemented in all our territories.

Nothing would be worse than a fake Green Deal with unfair financing, which would provoke the anger of thousands of yellow jackets in all our countries

We have the rare opportunity to push our Members of Parliament and Governments to ensure this Commission prioritises ambitious climate policy.

Let’s ensure we get a Real Green Deal

to succeed, a European Green New Deal needs Green New Money

We need to declare climate emergency and immediate increased action

A Real Green Deal must rely on these 3 solutions

1- Not one penny more for fossil fuels

stop all fossil investments and subsidies, and make these 100s of billions serve climate action

2- A Real Climate Bank

A Real Climate Bank providing 300 bn€/year in zero interest loans

3 - A Real Climate Budget

A Real Climate Budget of 100 bn€/year funded by an EU profit tax and other new EU own ressources